Privacy Policy

Here at I T G Probate Valuations, we take the privacy of our clients and the security of their personal data very seriously. In all of our dealings with our clients we make sure that we correctly apply all the protections afforded in the 1998 Data Protection Act. All of our staff understand our strict confidentiality and privacy policies and know how to apply them.

When you make your initial inquires about a house clearance, all that we will require is your name, address and contact details, and the address of the property you want cleared if it is nor the same as your home address. This is the basic minimum of information we require in order to provide a service to you. We guarantee that your personal details will not be used for any purpose other than providing our service to you.

This information is stored electronically in our computer system which is protected by strong up-to-date security measures. No unauthorised third party will be able to gain access to your personal details.

I T G Probate Valuations will never share or sell your details to any third party, and we will not use your personal information for our own marketing purposes.

Our website does not use “cookies” which means that we do not download any information to your computer when you browse out website. Nor can we identify individuals who visit our website.

We know that your personal data and privacy are important to you, and we use all means at our disposal to ensure that your data is never shared with others.