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Antique Auctions In The UK

There are some key disadvantages when selling items through an auction house mainly due to the rather high commission costs, time delays and unsold item and storage charges.

  • Most auctioneers will charge you a commission fee which is normally 24% once vat, insurance and handling fees have been applied. This fee can go as high as 50%.
  • It may take weeks before your item goes into a sale and if it doesn’t sell.. you may be charged unsold item fees, as well as storage costs for large items such as bulky furniture.
  • Up to a quarter of the price or in some cases more is deducted from the total achieved is kept by the auction house. So if your item sells for £300, you would receive £225.
  • Often fragile antiques can be damaged whilst being handled and on display in an auction room.
  • If your item does achieve a sale it may take up to 6 weeks before you receive the final payment.
  • Your items may go unsold. When this happens your items are either returned to you or relisted in the next appropriate auction.
  • There can be extra costs such as transportation fees, photograph fees, reserve fees, and buyback fees if the item is unsold because of a reserve.

Our purchasing service is prompt and without the delays associated with auction rooms.

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