If you only require valuations for a few items we recommend WorthWhat.com - They will provide fast antique valuations for probate, insurance and personal needs.

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For full house contents probate or confirmation valuation call us or email us to discuss your needs.

Antique Dealer FAQs

We Buy Gold

Selling Antiques Or Jewellery? We are antique dealers that have established a well earned reputation for quality of service in antique house clearance & specialist antique buying.

  • We will happily visit any house due to be cleared & look through and pick out antiques & jewellery from various locations including cluttered houses, garages, lofts, or basements, even if it takes us all day.
  • We can virtually guarantee to pick out items of value from any house clearance
  • Not sure what you have? Do not leave it to chance, call us! You will be surprised at what antiques we buy

Our purchasing service is prompt and without the delays & high costs associated with antique auction houses.

Antique Dealer FAQs

What do you buy?

We buy anything we can re-sell, items you probably do not rate. We also buy the obvious such as Antique Furniture | Antique Silver | Antique Jewellery | Antique China, Porcelain & Glass | Antique Art | Antique Coins & Stamps | Antique Medals & Militaria | Antique Clocks | Asian Oriental Antiques | Collectables (See our recent antique buys)

So how does the process work?

Step 1. Simply email us a photograph. Feel free to group items together or simple room shots are fine.

Step 2. If your antiques are of interest to us, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 3. We turn up on the day of our appointment & once a price has been agreed, we will pay you by whichever payment option is most convenient then load & go.

How much notice do you need?

We can call out within 48 hours notice. If it is more convenient for you however, we are always happy to schedule it for a date of your choosing.

What payment terms do you offer?

We can pay you in cash, cheque, bank transfer or whatever option is good for you.

Can I e-mail you some photographs?

Yes! Sending images of your antiques is the quickest way to determine whether your items are worth buying at our end.

Do you do free antique valuations?

Regrettably, we cannot offer the free service because of time constraint reasons. Due to the number of requests that we receive, we will not reply to any emails asking for free valuations unless you are interested in selling.

What areas do you cover?

All Areas throughout the UK.

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