If you only require valuations for a few items we recommend WorthWhat.com - They will provide fast antique valuations for probate, insurance and personal needs.

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For full house contents probate or confirmation valuation call us or email us to discuss your needs.

Get An Online Antique Valuation

An online appraisal can help determine whether your antique is worth holding onto, selling, or getting rid of. It’s a great way to to determine how much your collectibles are worth with little time or effort on your part.

We value all categories of fine and decorative art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles.

The benefits of using online appraisal websites is the speed that you can do it in and the low one-off fee.

Our online only valuations or best suited to those just needing to have several items valued, whereas our full probate valuations are best suited for the valuation of full house contents for family division or HMRC needs. Do not use the online valuation service if you have many items to value.

Feel free to call ITG Probabte Valuations if you are unsure of what service is better for your needs. A member of our staff will advise you after asking you a few simple questions.

If you are sure the online valuation service will meet your needs the just follow the steps below.

  • Take a high resolution photo of your item, and save it to your computer.
  • Submit your photo to us from this page HERE.
  • Describe the item, what you think it might be, and any background information you may know.
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