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House Clearance Bellshill – North Lanarkshire

House Clearance Service In Bellshill North Lanarkshire Plains Queenzieburn Ravenscraig Riggend Salsburgh Shotts.

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House Clearance Bellshill Customers Requirements

I am in the process of clearing my deceased cousins 2 bedroom flat in Bellshill – North Lanarkshire. I have removed all personal belongings that me and my family wish to keep, therefore all of the remaining items are to be removed including white goods, carpets and curtains. Also do you provide a clean after clearance? if so how much does this cost and what does it entail?

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House Clearance Bellshill Charity Donations

The house clearance was completed on behalf of the customer and the following items pictured below were removed from the property and donated to various charities. Our house clearance staff transported the non reusable items from the house clearance to a waste recycling center.

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General House Clearance Bellshill Photographs

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House Clearance Bellshill Customer Comments

REAL house clearance customer comments.

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Cluttered House Clearance Bellshill: Before & After Photographs

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