House Clearance Jedburgh – Scottish Borders

House Clearance Jedburgh: I wish to enquire about house clearance. My parents are acting on behalf of my grandmother who has been moved into elderly care. The house requires to be sold but we are keen for it to be cleared before this is done.

The house is a small 3 bed bungalow with a garage located in Jedburgh.

As we have just started looking into this I was keen to get a quote. I am in the middle to sorting through the contents to remove any family items. The house is cluttered.


The house clearance service was completed on behalf of the customer and the following items pictured below were removed from the property and donated to various charities. Our house clearance company transported the non reusable items from the house clearance to a waste recycling centre.

Please take a moment to read our house clearance faqs and our genuine customer comments.

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