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House Clearance Maryfield – Dundee

We cover House Clearances in all areas of Dundee Coldside Maryfield West End Whitfield Woodside

House Clearance Maryfield Requirements: Full Clearance
Property type: 1 bedroom
Van loads to clear: 1 load
Number of staff: 2 members of staff
Time taken: Approx 2 hours, 10 minutes
How much was recycled: 100%

Our Maryfield House Clearance team arrived at 09:00 AM on the day of the appointment undertaken the property clearance in over 2 hours total.

All contents were to be taken. All white goods included. No flooring or curtains were required to be removed.

The house clearance requirements entailed clearing a one bedroom property. All bedroom furniture was required to stay.

The following items were donated to local charities within the Maryfield area: two brown leather foot stools, a range of novelty books, a collection of fitness DVDs, clothing items and accessories, footwear, backpacks, suitcases, kitchen contents – packets of plastic cutlery, a Delonghi kettle and toaster set, food canisters (brand new), a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine, a copper chrome metal knife block, place mats, coasters, crockery, wall clocks, a curved wall mirror.

The following items were recycled at a local waste transfer centre within the Maryfield area: a single (soiled) memory foam mattress, a heavy duty metal weight bench (broken), bathroom contents – shower curtain, bath mat, toiletry’s, empty deodorant cans, toilet brush and holder, electric shavers, combs, kitchen contents – cooking appliances, cutlery, utensils, chopping boards, oven trays, pots and pans, cups and saucers, dining plates and bowels, dish drainer, cleaning equipment, mop and bucket, sweeping brushes and domestic products, food waste, paper waste, plastic carrier bags.

The following items were also donated at a local British Heart Foundation store within the Maryfield area: a single silver metal bed frame, a white Teknix fridge freezer, a white Amica washing machine and tumble dryer.

During the house clearance, food contents were found within date and sealed. Items were donated to a local Food Bank within the Maryfield area.

Maryfield Customer Feedback:

“Many thanks to all at Northern House Clearance. Me and my husband Ray could not of done it without yous. Great service ”  – Christine Bowes Maryfield

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