House Clearance Prudhoe – Northumberland

House Clearance Prudhoe: I would like a quote for the clearance of items from our flat. I attach photos of the items – the washing machine is not included.

The flat had been rented out and not been cleared when the tenant left. We have bagged it up where possible and moved it all into the lounge except the metal bed frame which we are happy to dismantle.

The flat is in Prudhoe, Northumberland. Please kindly quote as soon as you can and feel free to ask any questions re access etc.

Thank you in advance


The house clearance was completed on behalf of the customer and the following items pictured below were removed from the property and donated to various charities. Our house clearance staff transported the non reusable items from the house clearance to a waste recycling centre.

Please take a moment to read our house clearance faqs and our genuine customer comments.

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