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Probate Valuation Service

As professional probate valuers, Northern House Clearance provides a range of professional valuations services to solicitors, executors, administrators and private individuals across the UK. Our aim is to make everything as easy as possible.

We provide clear and accurate written house contents valuations in accordance with HM Revenue and Customs guidelines.

Northern House Clearance will be pleased to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We will provide you with an official typed, written probate valuation report (Estate Valuation Report), produced on headed note paper, which confirms to the authorities the value of the goods and chattels of the estate for probate purposes, in accordance with S.160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984).

Under the circumstances of death in the family or friends, it may be difficult to consider pragmatic matters such as the administration issues relating to the estate and property of the deceased. Nevertheless, it is important to handle and resolve these issues as quickly and accurately as possible, in order to ensure that all the correct beneficiaries receive their full financial entitlements. This is where probate valuation comes into play.

Our full probate service includes:

A written probate valuation.

Advise executors on which items to place in safe custody to avoid theft from unoccupied properties.

Removal and delivery of bequeathed items.

Our probate valuations will satisfy the requirements of Section 160 of the Inheritance Taxes Act, 1984.

We constantly monitor the antiques & collectibles market and are fully aware of aspects such as rarety, quality, special features and can easily recognise certain things that may not be apparent to you.

We are happy to assist you whenever you wish to value antiques, jewellery, object d’art, or collectibles. Whatever the reason, whether it’s simply out of curiosity or whether it’s to help you decide on how to divide property between beneficiaries, we will be delighted to offer advice and assistance.

Final Note!

There are a number of house clearance companies that are being queried by HM Revenue and Customs for inaccurate valuations, if this is the case probate valuations will be rejected causing unnecessary delays and additional expenses to executors. Our probate valuation schedules are clear, accurate and meticulously prepared in accordance with HMRC guidelines. Our written house contents valuations are prepared by experienced valuers and include photographic images alongside detailed descriptions with accurate current market values.

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