If you only require valuations for a few items we recommend WorthWhat.com - They will provide fast antique valuations for probate, insurance and personal needs.

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For full house contents probate or confirmation valuation call us or email us to discuss your needs.

Probate Valuations Rothbury – Northumberland

We offer probate valuation service in all Northumberland areas including South Broomhill South Charlton Stakeford Stannington Stobswood Stocksfield Stonehaugh Seghill Tughall Twizell Castle Tynemouth Ulgham Unthank Wall Wark on Tweed Wark on Tyne Warkworth West Chevington West Woodburn Whalton Widdrington Whittingham Wooler Wylam Yarrow

ITG Provide probate valuations in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Probate valuation reports will be prepared within 5 days of our valuer’s visit and will provide a clear indication of the market value of each item within the estate. The valuation report will include images with clear and accurate descriptions enabling quick identification of items of value.

Chattels Gallery Guide

The items pictured below are just a small sample of similar items recently valued by ITG probate valuations. The gallery will hopefully be helpful & educational in demonstrating the wide array of antiques, collectibles & everyday objects we value on a daily basis.

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