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Royal Worcester Values porcelain china Vase Saucer Plates Dish Jug Cup Pot Bowl Figurine Ewer Teapot Dinner Service Tureen Plaque Platter Tea Service Mug Coffee Service Jardinière Sugar Bowl Tankard Tea Set Urn.

It makes sense to get an accurate valuation for a number of reasons:

  • For inheritance & probate
  • For tax reasons
  • Family division
  • Your insurance company requires an accurate valuation
  • You want to sell your item at auction
  • You want advice before you buy at auction
  • You just wish to know more about your items history etc…

Just a small selection of similar items our experts value on a daily basis.

Royal Worcester Artists & Designers

Charles Baldwyn 1874-1909 Swans in flight & birds
Henry Chair 1872-1911 thistles, poppies, orchids & festoons of roses
Harry Davis 1898-1970 fish, sheep, landscapes, architecture
George Evans 1914-1955 Corot style landscapes
William Hawkins 1874-1928 portraits, interiors & still life
George Johnson 1875-1914 game birds, flying swans & farmyard scenes
Harry Austin 1890-1955 Birds, fruit, plants and flowers
Ernest Phillips 1890-1932 neat flower groups & still life
William Powell 1900-1950 small British birds
Frank Roberts 1872-1920 flowers & fruit
Frank R. Rushton 1900-1953 landscapes, cottages & gardens
James Hadley 1870-1906 Softly painted roses, ornamental vases, figures & figurines
Edwin Salter 1876-1902 landscapes & fish
Richard Sebright 1882-1946 Fruit – viewed as the best fruit painter ever
The Doughty Sisters 1892-1972 Small Children, American Birds & British Birds
Harry Stinton 1896-1963 Highland Cattle
James Stinton 1902-1951 Game Birds
John Stinton Jnr 1902-1938 Landscapes, castles, cattle & Highland Cattle
Kitty Blake 1905-1953 Flowers & Fruit

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