If you only require valuations for a few items we recommend WorthWhat.com - They will provide fast antique valuations for probate, insurance and personal needs.

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For full house contents probate or confirmation valuation call us or email us to discuss your needs.

Antique House Clearance Service

Antiques Collection One

We offer a house clearance service tailor made to your needs and the quality of the contents. We believe that you should receive the correct market value for antique items in the property to be cleared: Therefore we offer the following:-

Scenario 1) The contents of your house have no resale value: In this case we would have to charge you for clearance. ( Visit Our House Clearance Site )

Scenario 2) The contents include antiques, silver, jewellery, paintings and collectables,  or have good resale value: In this case we will give a good allowance and offset it against the cost of clearance.

Scenario 3) The majority of the contents are antique or have value. If this value exceeds the house clearance costs, we will pay you the difference, in cash or by cheque, according to your preference. ( View our recent antique house clearance buys )

Please contact us for details of our full house contents clearance fees.

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