If you only require valuations for a few items we recommend WorthWhat.com - They will provide fast antique valuations for probate, insurance and personal needs.

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Rejected Probate Valuations – Our Guarantee

There are an increasing number of inexperienced probate valuation companies being queried by HM Revenue and Customs for inaccurate valuations, if this is the case probate valuations will be rejected causing unnecessary delays and additional expenses to executors.

The key steps to valuing an estate taken from the HMRC website.

It is advisable to get a valuation from a qualified and experienced professional valuer. HMRC’s IHT manual at paragraph 21041 makes this clear. For example it directs that where a valuation is qualified as being made “for probate purposes” or for “IHT purposes” HMRC will query as to whether the correct basis has been used.

Our probate valuation schedules are clear, accurate and meticulously prepared in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Our written house contents valuations are prepared by experienced valuers and include photographic images alongside detailed descriptions with accurate current market values.

Probate GuaranteedOur no quibble money back guarantee

In 10 years we have yet to have one of our probate valuations rejected by HMRC, we are so confident in our service we offer a full money back guarantee in the HIGHLY unlikely event one of our probate valuations is ever rejected.

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