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House Clearance Keighley – West Yorkshire

House Clearance Service In Keighley Craven Ilkle Keighley Central Keighley East Keighley West Worth Valley.

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House Clearance Keighley Customers Requirements

Hi, I am looking to have my uncles three bedroom bungalow cleared in Keighley as he has recently passed away. My family and i do not wish to be present on the day of the house clearance as it is to stressful for us at this time, ideally we would like to post the keys to you in advance. There is a lot of furniture in the property but some of it will be staying prior to us letting it out in the near future, i will print off a list of things that are to stay and send it along side the keys. Attached to the bungalow is a double garage, i am unsure of what is in here. Please let me know the best dates that you have available in the first two weeks of February. Also can you please provide a quote for the property to be cleaned afterwards. None of us have been in the property since the death so if possible can you please keep any family photographs and letters to one side. Thank you in advance, Sarah.

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House Clearance Keighley Charity Donations

The house clearance was completed on behalf of the customer and the following items pictured below were removed from the property and donated to various charities. Our house clearance staff transported the non reusable items from the house clearance to a waste recycling center.

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General House Clearance Keighley Photographs

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House Clearance Keighley Customer Comments

I called Keighley house clearance to get a quote for our uncles house to be cleared. Keighley house clearance called the morning of arrival to advise of the exact arrival time and once they guys arrived they set to work and completed the house clearance in three hours. I was really impressed as the house was spotless when they had finished, including uninstalling some shelving. The quote was very reasonable for the amount of items that were cleared and I would recommend Northern House Clearance. Very professional and speedy. Read Many More: REAL house clearance customer comments.

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Cluttered House Clearance Keighley: Before & After Photographs

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