Why Invest In Art?

Individuals are buying art not only to beautify their homes, but increasingly to diversify their investment portfolios.

A tangible asset, art demonstrates stability over a longer time frame and is not subject to day-to-day volatility like many other investments. We now have incontrovertible evidence of the benefits of art investment, thanks to the compilation of new comparative data.

The Mei Moses All Art Indices and S&P500 Total Returns graph shown above compares the performance of art with that of the S&P500 over the 50 years between 1959 and 2009.

It shows clearly the stability of art as a tangible asset over a prolonged period.

It also offers investors an ethical choice where they can support social and cultural values whilst also deriving personal pleasure from the art itself.

Art versus other popular alternative investments

With good advice and a selection of quality artworks, art can outperform other assets and therefore deserves to be a serious investment consideration.

The truth about investing in art

You simply can not buy a piece of art, keep it for a year, then sell it at a huge profit. Art investment does not work like that. If someone tells you otherwise, run a mile …

Investing in art – in the right kind of art – takes a little homework. You should not buy ‘blind’ – before you buy a painting from anyone, you must research the artist first. Do not buy from online auction sites unless you can afford to take a huge loss.

There are more “genuine” Picasso’s on ebay than are on display in galleries around the world.

Do you get the picture?

What we can do for you

We can sell you one or two of the great paintings we have on offer, which you will get huge pleasure from owning and admiring on a daily basis – safe in the knowledge that you made a good investment. Then, you can sell the painting when the time is right or, if you can’t bear to part with it, hand it down to your children.

Unlike many of the online galleries that peddle mediocre art by little-known or not-worth-knowing artists, we only offer good art by well-known artists.

Investing in beauty

One last thing, if you’re going to buy a picture that you have researched, buy it because it moves you – not simply because it’s by a big name. Remember you’re going to have to live with it …

One of the great pleasures of investing in art is that you’re investing in something that is valuable in itself, something that you find beautiful, or moving. And gaining knowledge about the painting and the artist adds to your enjoyment.

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