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Armoires Bedroom Suite Beds Bedside Tables Cabinets Benches Bookcases Cabinets Canterbury Chairs Chest of Drawers Commodes Cupboards Display Dressers Dressing Tables French Furniture Hall Stands Lowboys Oriental Sideboards Sofas Stools Tables Tallboys Wardrobes Washstands Whatnots Rosewood Oak Bureaux Chiffoniers Rococo Art Nouveau French Victorian Georgian Mahogany Longcase Grand Father Clocks

It makes sense to get an accurate valuation for a number of reasons:

  • For inheritance & probate
  • For tax reasons
  • Family division
  • Your insurance company requires an accurate valuation
  • You want to sell your item at auction
  • You want advice before you buy at auction
  • You just wish to know more about your items history etc…

Just a small selection of items our experts recently valued on behalf of our customers.

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